Task 01.

Lesson 03. is about defining who you are as a brand. How will you be portrayed to your staff and your audience? Let's find out how your brand will sound, feel, look and connect with your audience on an emotional and authentic level.

Watch the teaching & slide-deck before undertaking the remaining tasks.

Brand Foundations

Task 02.

Brand Foundations worksheet

Developing your brand's foundations are so important as they create a clear outline as to why your brand exists, how your brand solves a problem, where you want your brand to go and what you need to do to get there.

In this exercise, you will work through a step by step method to establish statements for your brand's purpose, vision, mission and along with a list of brand values.

Image Source: Frank Body.

Image Source: Frank Body.

Task 03.

Brand Personality & Voice worksheet

This exercise is to determine how you will sound and emotionally connect with your audience. It is about discovering a brand voice and personality that resonates directly with your audience through all marketing media (ie. social media, emails, print, packaging design).


If you want to take this task further and develop your brands look and feel through collating images, then we recommend using our favourite DIY design tool; Canva. A simple drag and drop software that allows anyone to create their own visuals.

Image Source: Girlfriend Collective:

Image Source: Girlfriend Collective:

Need More Help?

Read the blog on brand values

Today would be one of my most favourite topics when it comes to establishing the heart and soul of your brand, and that is Brand Values! Look it might sound like a bit of drag to begin with but what if I was to tell you it will create so much clarity, direction and content for your business moving forward (plus it’s actually fun, especially if you follow my brand values questionnaire process!). So let’s jump to the chase and talk all things Brand Values.

Task 04.

Facebook Group

Your final task for lesson 03. is to share your Brand Values findings with us inside the Facebook group! Let us know what direction your brand is taking.

What are your brand values?

What is your brand personality?

What is your brand tone of voice?

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Lesson 03. Resource

Lesson 03. Blog

Image Source: Girlfriend Collective:

Image Source: Girlfriend Collective:

Facebook Group


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