Task 01.

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Businesses without customers/clients do not survive, and this is why lesson 02. focuses on your audience. In lesson 02. you will learn about how to define your ideal customer and build engagement with the RIGHT audience for your business.

Watch the teaching & slide deck before undertaking the remaining tasks.


Task 02.

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Our Ideal Customer Avatar exercise is for you to discover and tightly define who your perfect customer is for your business. Essentially, creating a detailed brief of whom you need to be targeting and serving, in order to grow your business.



If you want to take this task further and develop your ICA storyboard then we recommend using our favourite DIY design tool; Canva. A simple drag and drop software that allows anyone to create their own visuals.

Customer Benefits Ladder

Task 03.

customer benefits ladder worksheet

Stop selling and start impacting your ICA’s life through your brands functional and emotional benefits.

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So what is a customer avatar..Simple, it is your ideal customer also known as your buyer persona. Without this in-depth understanding of your consumer, how are you supposed to market and roll-out a brand that speaks directly to your audience?

Task 04.

Facebook Group

Your final task for lesson 02. is to share your findings with us inside the Facebook group! I will be inside the group to work through your findings with you.

Who is your ideal customer?

What problem(s) is your customer dealing with in their life and how can your business solve them?

What can you learn from their personality and how can their personality influence your approach and communication with your audience?

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