Task 01.

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Welcome to the Brands That Thrive - Mini-Course!

Congratulations on making the decision to take action to grow and transform your business into the unthinkable. Let’s get started…

Task 02.

Lesson 01. Podcast

Lesson one is about breaking down the barriers and discovering your genius zone along with unveiling your weaknesses, opportunities and threats in business.


Task 03.


Before undertaking this document be sure to watch the corresponding video in task 02. In this document you will find each area on 'strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats' with supporting questions. Respond to these questions concerning yourself personally and your current business (or early business concept).

Task 04.

Personality Test

This online personality test will show you how to develop your confidence, increase self-value and live more authentically. The Fascinate Personality test allows you to identify your most impressive qualities & guide you on how to use them effectively in business.

Task 05.

Facebook Group

Your final task for lesson 01. is to share your findings with us inside the Facebook group! I will be there to give you my support and honest feedback.

What are your Zones Of Genius?

What have you discovered about yourself that your business can benefit from?

What opportunities and possibilities have you opened yourself up to?

What threats are you feared about in business and what can you learn from these threats?

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Facebook Group


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