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Lesson 01.

Genius Zone

Lesson 01. is about breaking down the barriers and discovering your genius zone. Let's dig deep to unveil your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in business.

Lesson 02.


Businesses without customers/clients do not survive, and this is why lesson 02. focuses on your audience. In lesson 02. you will learn about how to define your ideal customer and build engagement with the RIGHT audience for your business.

Image Source: Frank Body;

Image Source: Frank Body;

Lesson 03.


Lesson 03. is about defining who you are as a brand. How will you be portrayed to your staff and your customers? Let's find out how your brand will sound, feel, look and connect with your audience on an emotional and authentic level.

Lesson 04.

Instagram Strategy

Your final lesson is all about posting with a purpose! Let's understand how to speak to your social audience and engage with them on a daily basis. Plus I will teach you how to 'Batch Work' with my favourite free software, saving you hours!!


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