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What will you learn?

The Curriculum

Brands That Thrive - mini-course.

Here is what you'll achieve inside the 'Brands That Thrive' online mini-course. Four express lessons delivered to your inbox over 8 days.

> Lesson 01.

Genius Zone

Lesson one is about breaking down the barriers and discovering your genius zone. Let's dig deep to unveil your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in business.


’Genius’ Podcast by Lizzie
Extensive PDF Worksheet
Feedback and advice from Lizzie inside the Private Facebook community.


> Lesson 02.

It’s all about the

Businesses without customers/clients do not survive, and this is why lesson 02. focuses on your audience. In lesson 02. you will learn about how to define your ideal customer and build engagement with the RIGHT audience for your business.


’ICA’ Podcast by Lizzie
Extensive PDF Worksheet
Feedback and advice from Lizzie inside the Private Facebook community.


> Lesson 03.


Lesson 03. is about defining who you are as a brand. How will you be portrayed to your staff and your customers? Let's find out how your brand will sound, feel, look and connect with your audience on an emotional and authentic level.


’Brand’ Podcast by Lizzie
Extensive PDF Worksheet
Feedback and advice from Lizzie inside the Private Facebook community.


> Lesson 04.

Instagram Strategy

Your final lesson is all about posting with a purpose! Let's understand how to speak to your social audience and engage with them on a daily basis. Plus I will teach you how to 'Batch Work' with my favourite free software, saving you hours!!


’Social’ Podcast by Lizzie
PDF Checklist
Scheduling/Batch Work Resource
Feedback and advice from Lizzie inside the Private Facebook community.

> Access to Lizzie

Private Facebook

Gain support, feedback, friendships and accountability inside our private Facebook community with like-minded people in business.

Lizzie will be active in the group daily, supplying you with her one-on-one feedback and bonus live trainings. We will be there to support you throughout the entire mini-course and into the future.

> Brand Tips & Tricks

Bonus Content!

Of course we over-deliver with BONUS content! Access some of our most favourite resources we use for our client projects and gain logo and brand advice direct from Lizzie!


4x Resources
1x Insight Article by Lizzie
1x Bonus PDF Checklist


This Mini-Course is a Must if…

✓ You currently have a business and you feel like you’ve hit the ceiling. What’s next?

✓ You are new to business or you are looking to start your own business asap but don’t know where/how to get started.

✓ You are seeking expert help, but you aren't in a position to invest in a marketing and brand agency.

✓ You feel confused about the direction and growth of your business.

✓ You don’t know where to start with branding and building a business.

✓ You are sick and tired of hearing the same advice and want a proven approach that will ACTUALLY accelerate your business.

✓ You want to make social media work for you not against you.

✓ You are ready to shake up your competition and show them what you are all about.

✓ You are tired of the hustle and day-to-day grind.

✓ You LOVE what you do but the longevity of your business feels insecure and doubtful.

✓ You are seeking a group of like-minded people to bounce your ideas off and get genuine feedback.


Brands That Thrive - Mini CoursE


Why I am sure that I can help you grow your business into a successful brand.

A little bit more about me

I can Relate. I have been there. I have done that.

I'm going to share my story with you about how I made over $100k of mistakes in my first business.

So here it is, raw and vulnerable…

At 22 years of age, I started my first business, totally and utterly naive.

In my first business, I felt isolated, introverted and mostly stressed (all the time).

Having no one to hold my hand and help me through the process.

The constant doubt was crushing.

Am I doing this right?

Have I missed something?

And yes, I totally stuffed up at times.

Stuff ups that were VERY costly, I am talking $100k costly.

Knock-down after knock-down started to eat away at my ambitions quickly.

At the age of 23, my mind was in the wrong space.

I wanted to give up.

And I did give up that first business.

I thought that was it. My dreams were crushed, and I would have to go back to work for a boss.

But things started to shift.

Impactful people entered my life who influenced significant changes in my entrepreneurial journey.

It was then when my branding business was born, and I focussed and invested in strategies for success!

And... Now today at 29 years of age, I comfortably run my six-figure brand agency with confidence and a true purpose. I continually work with startup businesses through to established brands, working with companies including Sheraton Hotels, Botanica Day Spa (Intercontinental Hotel), Meeka Body, Gold Buyers and the list goes on.

I do often wonder what would have been of that first business if I had had had some form of strategy and support throughout the venture. The process would have been enjoyable and my mindset would have been positive and trusting of the business journey.

I do not regret the things I had to go through to get me where I am now.

From rock bottom to now living a life of flexibility, happiness and security every bit of the journey was worth it and I now want to share with you just how I turned things around because you can too!


AUSTRALIA ENTERPRISE AWARDS Best Creative Agency 2019 + Melbourne Brand Strategy Award

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“I need to give her so much credit for the success of my business.”

Hear what our clients are saying

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SJM Skin Aesthetics - Suzanne S

Young Mindful - Justine

Botanica Day Spa - Intercontinental Hotel. Sofie G

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“I have worked with Lizzie since starting out in my solo business. I had no idea where to start but knew I wanted to create my own career in the wellness industry. Lizzie lead me through the entire process of starting out and it felt so easy. The way she communicates is very relatable, practical and articulate. She really directed me on how to grow and achieve my idea of success.”

Amy A - The Wellbeing Lifestyle