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Module 01.

discovery & positioning

Let’s the journey begin! Module one is about breaking down the barriers and discovering your genius zone. We dig deep to unveil your ‘why’. Along with this, you will set up the core foundations for your vision and expectations in business. Without clarity and a clear roadmap, a successful business cannot be born.

Module 02.


Businesses without customers do not survive, and this is why module 2 focuses on your audience. You will learn how to create your competitive advantage plus a tone more, enabling you to be one step ahead of your competition.

Module 03.

The Story

“People don’t buy products and services. They buy relations, stories and the magic behind it all.” It’s time to understand your brand on a deeper level. If you don’t truly understand your brand then how can you expect your customers to trust your business?

Module 04.

The Important details

Wondering how to price your product/service? Don’t worry this module has you covered plus we get stuck into the admin side of things. After completing this module, you will have the knowledge to register and launch your business successfully. Tick! (Note: This module is based on Australian business regulations).

Module 05.

A visionary brand

How is your brand going to be visually portrayed!? Everyone loves this side of business development. Module 5 explores the design direction for your brand and how to move forward with your brand identity. I.e Logo creation.

Module 06.

Start your venture with a plan

The final module reviews and collates all your work from the prior modules. From your discoveries; goals, plans and implementation strategies are developed. Just like that, we send you into the world of business to excel!


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