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FREE business & brand RESOURCES


Free Resources


Discover who your ideal customer is

This is a fundamental exercise for growth, if you are starting a new business or your business has evolved over time and you’ve lost touch.

Brand Values and business coaching

Brand Values Worksheet

Find your why.

Discover your businesses ‘Why’ with our Brand Values Q&A Worksheet.


Free Stock Image Websites

Access compelling & professional Images.

My favourite stock image websites that my team and I access on a daily-basis for client projects.

brand consulting

Logo Do’s & Don’ts

What works & What doesn’t work.

Lizzie’s guidance on do’s and don’ts for logo design. Plus what process to follow when developing or refreshing your logo.



The exact method on how to launch your business, the right way!

Are you ready to take action, start your business and create a brand that stands out from the crowd?

The Business Starter Program will enable you to get your business off the ground, building a brand with a strategy that represents you, your personality, mission and purpose.