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“I was terrified. I lost so much money”

I remember my first client project, I was hired by a very busy mum of two to develop the foundations of her online business. I was terrified. I lost so much money on the project because I spent way to much time making mistakes after mistakes.

In my first year of business, there were so many times when I wanted to give up. Working as a brand developer seemed time consuming, stressful and overwhelming. However, I kept at it until I found the tools that every entrepreneur needs to build their brand's foundations.

After plenty of highs and lows, 30 + client projects and six years in business, I soon realised I had found the ideal tools for starting a brand.

The truth is, with using the right tools anyone can build their own brand (like a total expert)!

After six years in building brands for clients, with a heap of trial and error, you now have access to the '7 Basic Tools' you need to start your brand journey. 😊

For this week only, I am giving away 'My 7 Top Tools To Start Your Own Business'!

And they are going to show you...

  • Where to find professional images for free.

  • How to write professional copy with no errors.

  • Where to create your own design layouts, poster, social media templates and more!

  • What to use to accept payments safely online.

  • Where to start an online presence.

Sounds pretty good right?

Lizzie Robinson, Brand Developer at Elizabeth Jean Branding

Lizzie Robinson, Brand Developer at Elizabeth Jean Branding


“I need to give her so much credit for the success of my business.”

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“I have worked with Lizzie since starting out in my solo business. I had no idea where to start but knew I wanted to create my own career in the wellness industry. Lizzie lead me through the entire process of starting out and it felt so easy. The way she communicates is very relatable, practical and articulate. She really saved me from all the stress and hassle when opening a business and creating a brand.”

Amy A - The Wellbeing Lifestyle