Custom Product Packaging Design is Underrated

Custom Packaging

If you think that the importance of product packaging is underrated and that your product is just as important as the packaging or label that goes with it, then we can unequivocally tell you that we agree! Unfortunately, many business owners and start-ups neglect how their product will look and what message they wish to display. Strategic product packaging design is imperative for a brand to be noticed as well as resonate with its target market.

There are four reasons why you should ensure your product packaging is professionally crafted and implemented according to our Melbourne design agency: 



Consumer Behaviour

Understanding who your target consumer is plays a pivotal role in creative packaging design. Just like with branding design, our Melbourne team researches your target market to understand what colours, styles and fonts best resonate with your audience so that their attention can be swayed to your product.


Standing Out 

Our consumerist society has thousands of products to choose from! Think about how many different types of perfumes, hand lotions or shampoos now stack our supermarket shelves. Designing custom packaging for your product can help to ensure that you stand out from the competition – especially since one third of buying decisions are based on packaging alone. Our graphic design team are experts in creating attention-grabbing visuals.


Marketing Space

Consumers have an attention span of about 8 seconds which doesn’t give your product much time to educate a buyer. Creative packaging should be cleverly thought out so that you can express your marketing message quickly and effectively! This is where effective logo design plays an important role.


Brand Recognition

Our packaging design agency in Melbourne can work with you to create a recognizable brand that consumers will remember and assimilate to. Going to market with a product that is supported in its brand messaging at every step will give you the boost needed to succeed. 


Don’t Think of Creative Packaging Design Last

Custom product packaging shouldn’t be viewed as an afterthought! By implementing your brand theme and encompassing stand out packaging features whilst taking into consideration behaviours of your target market, custom packaged products are more likely to succeed in a competitive market space.