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A logo can tell a story, inspire and intrigue. At EJBranding’s Melbourne studio, we make sure that all our custom logo designs not only look amazing but that they also reflect the mission and character of your business and brand. The importance of a logo can sometimes be severely underestimated, especially today where consumers are subjected to a massive array of products and services from not only their domestic market but international ones as well. Logos are the face of your business and garner instant brand recognition in the marketplace. Within the marketplace, the competition between company logo designs is fierce, every brand is vying to grab your attention first!

Therefore, brands go to great lengths to ensure that their logos are receptive, easily recognised and drive home the message that they are trying to convey. If your logo fails with its first impression, you run the risk of losing valuable customers to rival brands at time of purchase. Over time it’s also important to stay aware of changing trends within your target audience and competitive market, as at times a brand refresh or total rebrand may be necessary to stay abreast of the competition and remain relevant.


Professional Graphic Design Logos

A logo is your identity, and during the foundation phase of a custom logo design this is a fundamental notion to keep front and centre of mind. You need to ensure your logo reflects your brand and company, its personality and its ethos. If you’re an elegant and sensual skin care brand, your logo cannot appear rough or aggressive. Likewise, a Builder wants their logo to reflect dependability, style and expertise. It can seem like a lot of weight rests on the choices made during your company logo design, but that’s where our expertise comes in and we work with you to create your ideal custom logo. At our Melbourne logo design studio, we don’t see ourselves as just graphic designers but rather as professional marketers, which is why we develop calculated and tactical logo designs that will cling to the psyche of your target consumer for years to come. Our philosophy when creating company logo designs is simple: create a professional logo design that looks like a market leader whilst assuring that the character and mission statement of the client is being reflected as well.


We are dedicated to delivering brands that tell a story, expand awareness and boost engagement.