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It’s time to make the business start-up process a whole lot clearer!

Because I know you’re ready to rise

I am guessing this all sounds too familiar...

You’ve finished a full day of work, to sit down and attend to your to-do-list finally.

You’ve got this. You’re a lady boss.

And then.. the overwhelm hits, the self-doubt rolls in and you realise you have no idea where to start.

How to launch, brand strategy, business naming, creative, sales and marketing (ah what?) all feels too hard. You acknowledge that it has to be done to launch a successful business but not knowing where to start is paralysing.

Closing your laptop defeated and deflated, you finally put your feet up for the day and catch up on some Instagram scrolling. Post after post, your favourite brands are popping up all over your feed, wishing that it could be you behind a brand of that calibre.

Your eagerness ignites craving to have a brand that you feel proud about, speaks your personality and makes an impact.

You know deep down that you have to start or you will always look back and think ‘what-if’.

But the question is how and where to start?


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Stress no more, we have you covered!


My mission is to support and serve women throughout their business journey. Empowering you to take action with confidence, proven processes and a calculated plan.

I am here to help you discover just how easy it is to launch a business and create your own future!


We are taking the ‘overwhelm’
out of Business Start-Up.

And that is exactly what we’ve done!

We have bundled my agency’s in-house business and brand processes into a step-by-step online program!

This do-it-yourself program gives you invaluable access to my agency’s business and branding methods and strategies. With my teachings and guidance, you will have the knowledge to:

Successfully launch your business

Develop a brand strategy with industry proven methods

Create a brand with a personality, purpose and a clear vision

Develop a firm plan for moving forward in business

Deliver a brand that talks to the right audience

Develop a brand that you understand and are confident in

Access priceless business resources

Apply what you learned throughout the program to continually grow the success of your business.



This Program Is For You If..

✓ You’re totally confused about where to start with launching your business.

✓ You've downloaded all the free tips, tricks and help sheets but still feel like you've got no idea what you need to do first.

✓ You have a potential business concept that you believe people can benefit from and you want to get it out in the world.

✓ You are continually researching how to start your business and feeling like you're not getting anywhere.

✓ You want to skip all the unnecessary ‘fluff’ and get to the point.

✓ You're looking to grow a business for lifestyle, independence, flexibility and freedom.

✓ You want to turn your passion project into a business (instead of a hobby... i.e. make some money from it).

✓ You're terrified of the idea of launching your business and having it/you fail... You want to do it right the first time!

✓ You are reading this wishing your brand was already launched.

✓ You wish you had someone to hold your hand during the startup stage.

✓ You're feeling unfilled in your day-to-day job and are ready to feel a sense of purpose.

✓ You think that all you need is a logo for your brand to be born (we need to talk!).


Only 40 Spots available for early bird!


“I need to give her so much credit for the success of my business.”

Hear what our clients are saying

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SJM Skin Aesthetics - Suzanne S

Young Mindful - Justine

Botanica Day Spa - Intercontinental Hotel. Sofie G

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“I have worked with Lizzie since starting out in my solo business. I had no idea where to start but knew I wanted to create my own career in the wellness industry. Lizzie lead me through the entire process of starting out and it felt so easy. The way she communicates is very relatable, practical and articulate. She really saved me from all the stress and hassle when opening a business and creating a brand.”

Amy A - The Wellbeing Lifestyle


The Curriculum

Here’s what you’ll achieve inside the Business Starter program

Module 01.

It’s all about YOU

Let the journey begin! Module one is about breaking down the barriers and discovering your genius zone. We dig deep to unveil your ‘why’. Along with this, you will set up the core foundations for your vision and expectations in business. Without clarity and a clear roadmap, a successful business cannot be born.

Module 02.

It’s all about the CUSTOMER

Businesses without customers do not survive, and this is why module 2 focuses on your audience. You will learn how to create your competitive advantage plus a tone more, enabling you to be one step ahead of your competition.

Module 03.

The Story

“People don’t buy products and services. They buy relations, stories and the magic behind it all.” It’s time to understand your brand on a deeper level. If you don’t truly understand your brand then how can you expect your customers to trust your business?


Module 04.

The Important Stuff

Wondering how to price your product/service? Don’t worry this module has you covered plus we get stuck into the admin side of things. After completing this module, you will have the knowledge to register and launch your business successfully. Tick! (Note: This module is based on Australian business regulations).

Module 05.

A Visionary Brand

How is your brand going to be visually portrayed!? Everyone loves this side of business development. Module 5 explores the design direction for your brand and how to move forward with your identity.

Module 06.

Start The Journey

The final module reviews and collates all your work from the prior modules. From your discoveries; goals, plans and implementation strategies are developed. Just like that, we send you into the world of business to excel!


The Bonus Material

Business & Brand Resources!

From my agency’s experience and networking, we have collated invaluable resources and contacts for brand growth and management. These resources have been trialled and tested by my agency, removing the high-risk and in-depth research on your behalf. The bonus is you will find these resources inside the program!


Access the Early Bird Special Now!

* Only 40 spots available


You are ready to jump into The Business Starter Program if:

  • You’re prepared to commit your focus and time in developing your business

  • You are open to learning strategies and methods to build a brand with purpose

  • You are eager to access business and brand resources that will accelerate your business.

  • You are ready to implement a plan and process for your business journey

  • You are seeking professional guidance and knowledge

  • You are in the early startup stage of your entrepreneurial journey

  • You believe you have a potential service/product/biz concept that people can benefit from

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Lizzie has worked with


Why I am sure that I can help you start the business of your dreams

A little bit more about me

I can Relate.
I have been there. I have done that.

I have worked the casual, part-time and full-time jobs for the bigger guy and I tell you what the days were long, and the passion was lacking.

But it wasn’t until opportunities presented themselves to me which pushed me into developing my own business. Soon enough I was working full-time in my six-figure company, and I haven’t looked back.

Fast forward to 2019, I am an experienced Brand Developer running one of Melbourne’s leading Brand Agency’s. I continually work with startup businesses through to established brands, working with companies including Sheraton Hotels, Botanica Day Spa (Intercontinental Hotel), Meeka Body, Gold Buyers and the list goes on.

AUSTRALIA ENTERPRISE AWARDS Best Creative Agency 2019 - Melbourne Brand Strategy Award



+ I am time poor, how long will this program take me?

The program has been structured into six modules. Each module can be completed within your own time, and we recommend putting aside 1-2 hours to move through a module. Each module includes project work which you can achieve in your own time. We recommend doing no more than one module per week to get the most out of each topic.

+ How long do I have access to the program for?

You have lifetime access. I am here to help you throughout your journey, that is why we grant lifetime access. Allowing you to refresh your knowledge around brand positioning and strategy, as let’s face it as your brand evolves so does your strategy!

+ How is your program different and what will I get out of it?

You have lifetime access. I am here to help you throughout your journey, that is why we grant lifetime access. Allowing you to refresh your knowledge around brand positioning and strategy, as let’s face it as your brand evolves so does your strategy!

+ What industry resources do you offer?

We only offer resources that we have trialled and tested. Resources have been supplied to get you ahead of the business game. You will find access to videographers, accountants, social automation tools, design software and the list goes on! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

+ How is the curriculum delivered?

The content is delivered in six modules. We recommend working through one module per week. Content is provided via various methods including; video, audio, slideshows, mood-boards, roadmaps and worksheets.

+ Do I end up with a logo at the end of the program?

No, this is not a ‘design’ program. The program is based around developing a brand with strategy and direction. From brand strategy, you will prepare a clear brief on how to visually portray your brand to heighten engagement with your audience!

+ I don’t have a clear business concept/product or service yet, will this program work for me?

You will need an inclining into where you want to go with your business. If you have no idea what- so-ever, then this program is not for you. If you have a broad idea, for example, “I want to offer a service(s) within the beauty industry” then yes the program will fit your needs.

+ What is the Value of this program?

Let me be totally transparent with you... If you were to have an agency develop this strategy and content for your business, it would easily be an investment of $10k - $50k, depending on who you enlisted. Plus our business and brand resources are priceless, we can’t put a price tag against this content!


The Investment

The next program commences 25th March, 2019.


* The early bird special is available for the first 40 sign-ups only.


Early Bird Special - The Business Starter Program


DIY Online Program

Six Online Modules

Business & Brand Resources

Life Time Access


Next Program Commences March 25th, 2019

Early Bird Special - The Business Starter Program

Payment Plan $230 AUD / x8 weekly payments

DIY Online Program

Six Online Modules

Business & Brand Resources

Life Time Access


Next Program Commences March 25th, 2019

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