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What if you could make your business profitable with a clear strategy for ultimate success?

All while spending less time on the mundane tasks and focusing on the areas you love.

You know how it was when you started your business, you had the passion and drive to build it into a six-figure plus empire. You had become addicted to working on your business, but then I am guessing 12 or so months passed, and you became more and more unclear on your direction.

Now, you feel like you're in a state of confusion, questioning "how on earth am I going to sustain my business?", "what does the future entail?".

The doubt and your foggy mind have started to wear off on you, your business growth, revenue and vision; resulting in fear and lack of security.

Well, the good news is, you need not to stress because with the right brand and marketing strategies your business will be doing exactly what you envisaged!

It is time to take a step back, reconnect with your brand and implement strategies (that work!) to grow your audience and revenue; resulting in a THRIVING brand!


Lizzie’s work has been seen in


We are transforming ‘confused’ businesses into thriving brands!

And this is Exactly how we are doing it:

We have bundled my agency’s in-house business and brand strategies into a step-by-step online program!

This do-it-yourself program gives you invaluable access to my agency’s business and branding methods and strategies. With my teachings and guidance, you will have the knowledge to:

Attract an audience that will invest in your business with longterm loyalty.

Redefine your brand personality, purpose and a clear vision.

Build a database of warm leads and learn how to nurture them in return for their business!

Get your business in front of the right eyes through implementing a brand strategy.

Create consistency and cohesion for your brand, increasing revenue by up to 23%.

Make your website work for you and be profitable.

Create a social strategy that is set on autopilot which engages with the right audience.

Access invaluable business resources for automation, leads, bookings, batch working and beyond.


30-day money back guarantee.* -> Yes! Sign me up to the program


This Program Is For You If..

✓ You feel lost in business and unsure how to scale

✓ You have a confused brand

✓ You believe your business can make an impact for the greater good

✓ You are looking to grow your business for lifestyle, independence, flexibility and financial freedom.

✓ Your business vision is unclear and confused

✓ You want to scale and increase your business revenue

✓ You want to make social media work for you not against you

✓ You are seeking expert help, but you aren't in a position to invest in a marketing agency

✓ You have downloaded all the free tips, tricks and help but still, feel like you're unsure about what to do and where to go with your business.

✓ You are ready to shake up your competition and show them what you are all about.

✓ You are tired of chasing potential leads only to be let down.



“I need to give her so much credit for the success of my business.”

Hear what our clients are saying

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SJM Skin Aesthetics - Suzanne S

Young Mindful - Justine

Botanica Day Spa - Intercontinental Hotel. Sofie G

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“I have worked with Lizzie since starting out in my solo business. I had no idea where to start but knew I wanted to create my own career in the wellness industry. Lizzie lead me through the entire process of starting out and it felt so easy. The way she communicates is very relatable, practical and articulate. She really directed me on how to grow and achieve my idea of success.”

Amy A - The Wellbeing Lifestyle


The Curriculum

Here’s what you’ll achieve inside the ‘Brands That Thrive’ program:

Nine Intensive Modules delivered to your member's dashboard.

Module 01.


Let the journey begin! Module one is about breaking down the barriers and discovering your genius zone. We dig deep to unveil your ‘why’. Along with this, you will set up the core foundations for your vision and expectations in business. Without clarity and a clear roadmap, a successful business cannot be born.

Module 02.

It’s all about the CUSTOMER

Businesses without customers do not survive, and this is why module 2 focuses on your audience. You will learn how to create your competitive advantage plus a tone more, enabling you to be one step ahead of your competition.

Module 03.

The Story

“People don’t buy products and services. They buy relations, stories and the magic behind it all.” It’s time to understand your brand on a deeper level. If you don’t truly understand your brand then how can you expect your customers to trust your business?


Module 04.

A visionary Brand

Learn how to portray your brand that visually represents personality, storytelling and professionalism. Implement brand rules to increase your brand revenue by 23%, creating consistency and consumer trust.

Module 05.

Convert Your Visitors

It is time to audit your website. Develop a clear message through content creation and aesthetics, finally convert your visitors into hot leads! Plus learn how to increase your google exposure organically.

Module 06.

A Social Strategy

Post with purpose. Build a social media strategy through content creation and visual aesthetics that talks to your audience, boosting engagement, followers and business revenue.

Module 07.

Batch WorkING

Press play and set your social media strategy on autopilot! Learn how to automate your posts and batch work for 30+ days at a time. No more daily stress on what to post and when to post.

Module 08.


Give value to get value from your marketing. Discover what your audience needs and solve the problem for them through implementing value-giving, building your database of warm leads rapidly.

Module 09.

Convert your Leads $$$

Nurture your leads on autopilot. Care for your audience through relationship building with purposefully built email sequences. Build and sustain a tribe that invests in your brand with raving reviews.


The Bonus Material

+ Business & Brand Resources!

From my agency’s experience and networking, we have collated a library of invaluable resources and contacts for brand growth and management. Our library of over 50 resources have been trialled and tested by my agency, removing the high-risk and in-depth research on your behalf. The bonus is you will find all these resources inside the program!

+ Brands That Thrive Facebook Group

Gain support, feedback, friendships and accountability inside our private Facebook community with like-minded people in business.
Lizzie chats live every Monday answering student questions and giving direction for your business. We don’t leave you throughout this process; we guide you in every possible way we can.


Sign me up to the program!


You are ready to jump into the ‘Brands That Thrive’ program if:


✓ You’re prepared to commit your time and focus into doing the work to scale your business.

✓ You are prepared to do the work and take responsibility of your future.

✓ You are open to learning strategies and methods to build a brand with a purpose.

✓ You are eager to access business and brand resources that will take your business to the next level.

✓ You are ready to implement a plan and process to scale your business to success.

✓ You are seeking professional guidance and knowledge without investing in absurd amounts.

✓ You are sick and tired of taking one step forward, two steps backwards.

✓ You are ready to THRIVE in business and life!

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Lizzie has worked with


Why I am sure that I can help you grow your business into a successful brand.

A little bit more about me

I can Relate. I have been there. I have done that.

I'm going to share my story with you about how I made over $100k of mistakes in my first business.

So here it is, raw and vulnerable…

At 22 years of age, I started my first business, totally and utterly naive.

In my first business, I felt isolated, introverted and mostly stressed (all the time).

Having no one to hold my hand and help me through the process.

The constant doubt was crushing.

Am I doing this right?

Have I missed something?

And yes, I totally stuffed up at times.

Stuff ups that were VERY costly, I am talking $100k costly.

Knock-down after knock-down started to eat away at my ambitions quickly.

At the age of 23, my mind was in the wrong space.

I wanted to give up.

And I did give up that first business.

I thought that was it. My dreams were crushed, and I would have to go back to work for a boss.

But things started to shift.

Impactful people entered my life who influenced significant changes in my entrepreneurial journey.

It was then when my branding business was born, and I focussed and invested in strategies for success!

And... Now today at 29 years of age, I comfortably run my six-figure brand agency with confidence and a true purpose. I continually work with startup businesses through to established brands, working with companies including Sheraton Hotels, Botanica Day Spa (Intercontinental Hotel), Meeka Body, Gold Buyers and the list goes on.

I do often wonder what would have been of that first business if I had had had some form of strategy and support throughout the venture. The process would have been enjoyable and my mindset would have been positive and trusting of the business journey.

I do not regret the things I had to go through to get me where I am now.

From rock bottom to now living a life of flexibility, happiness and security every bit of the journey was worth it and I now want to share with you just how I turned things around because you can too!


AUSTRALIA ENTERPRISE AWARDS Best Creative Agency 2019 + Melbourne Brand Strategy Award

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+ I am time poor, how long will this program take me?

The program is structured into nine modules. Each module can be completed within your own time, and we recommend putting aside one day to move through a module. Each module includes project work which you can achieve in your own time. We recommend doing no more than one module per week to get the most out of each topic.


+ How long do I have access to the program for?

You have lifetime access. I am here to help you throughout your journey, that is why we grant lifetime access. Allowing you to refresh your knowledge around brand positioning and strategy, as let’s face it as your brand evolves so does your strategy!


+ What industry resources do you offer?

We only offer resources that we have trialled and tested. Resources have been supplied to get you ahead of the business game. You will find access to videographers, accountants, social automation tools, design software and the list goes on! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


+ What is the Value of this program?

Let me be totally transparent with you... If my agency were to develop and implement all of these strategies for you, then you would be investing above $17k. Therefore, we decided to create this program as a 'DIY' to be able to educate and assist you in your business success.



You have lifetime access. I am here to help you throughout your journey; that is why we grant lifetime access. Allowing you to refresh your knowledge around brand positioning and strategy, as let’s face it as your brand evolves so does your strategy!


+ How is the curriculum delivered?

The content is delivered in nine modules with access inside your member's dashboard. We recommend working through one module per week. Content is provided via various methods including; video, audio, tutorials, slideshows, mood-boards, roadmaps and worksheets.


The Investment $997 USD

We believe so much in this program, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.


Brands That Thrive



DIY Online Program

Nine Online Modules

Business & Brand Resources

Private Facebook Community

Life Time Access

30-day money back guarantee.*


Brands That Thrive


9 Weekly payments of $127 USD

DIY Online Program

Nine Online Modules

Business & Brand Resources

Private Facebook Community

Life Time Access

30-day money back guarantee.*


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Receive 30-day money back guarantee:

If for any reason, you decide the program is not translating or performing for your business, directly email admin@elizabethjeanbranding.com within 30 days of original purchase to request a refund.

Please note: It is not that easy! You must be able to provide evidence that you have undertaken the program and started to implement the teachings into your business. A simple change of heart will not be refunded.

The policy applies irrespective of your chosen payment plan.

Late/Missed Payments:

Should an instalment be missed, our payment gateway will automatically try again after 2-5 business days. Should payment remain outstanding for more than seven business days without satisfactory resolution or alternative arrangement, your membership and program access may be cancelled and all monies paid to date forfeited.

Please contact us to discuss if you have any trouble meeting your payment obligations. We’ll gladly work with you to resolve the issue so we can keep you in the program. We want you to prosper and meet ALL your financial obligations.

Agreement to our terms & conditions of any alternative payment arrangements is solely at our discretion. If you have any questions about this program or the terms & conditions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.