Small Business Branding Design in Melbourne

Get Inspired at our Melbourne Brand Design Studio

We know how important a strong reliable brand is to consumers, which is why we take brand design at our Melbourne studio very seriously. Our team of dedicated and professional brand designers work closely with you to establish the perfect brand from the ground up. Gone are the days where a select few brands ruled the marketplace with their flashy ad campaigns and repetitive branding strategies. These days consumers want to feel a connection or long-lasting experience with the brand they are purchasing for themselves and their family. 
We live by a simple yet effective motto by Paul Rand - 

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand”. 


Our branding design studios’ focus is not only on creating an aesthetically pleasing design but to also encapsulate what the business stands for and establish an emotional connection with consumers. Our first step towards small business branding is to uncover your business goals and what brand personality you wish to exude to your consumers. This provides us with a foundation of your brand ethos and how people should envisage your business when they see your brand. We then begin to research your target market to understand what their needs, wants and desires are so that we can uncover what aspects of design influence their buying decisions. This market research also helps inform how best to connect with your target audience emotionally, and what factors will help establish a connection and build a lasting relationship between your brand and consumer. 

We analyse the competitors in your marketing space, comparing positioning and points of differentiation. This can often be overlooked by other branding companies and is a key factor to be considered within your small business marketing strategy. By evaluating what branding strategy your competitors are using, we can tailor your branding design so that it speaks louder and stands out! Next our brand design studio dissects all the valuable research & insights to formulate your logo, which will become the face of your company. This step is crucial for small business branding as it needs to resonate with your intended audience. Once your logo is complete and approved we can then begin on graphic design requirements and developing your brand theme, style guide and visual communication needs which will be used across all your marketing and branding activities. Also in need of a website, don’t worry, we can also provide website design and development.


Branding can be complex, time consuming and tedious for those who are unsure about what they want. Our Melbourne brand design studio is here to help uncover your ideas and streamline the process whilst providing you with a competitive branding design strategy and a business brand you’ll love!