The Secret Weapon Successful Websites Don’t Want You to Know


Heard of SEO, but not sure what it is?

It might sound like just another acronym, but SEO is an important marketing strategy in the modern digital era. You may have been ignoring it so far, but now that most businesses have moved in to the digital space to some degree, it is more important than ever to ensure your business’ website is ranking and performing online. SEO refers to “Search Engine Optimisation” which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website by improving your sites position within the organic search results. 

It is the formidable Google which dictates where your website will sit within the organic search results. It’s algorithm acts something like Harry Potter’s sorting hat and decides whether your website is in category X, Y or Z and how effectively you can answer a searchers query. This is where SEO comes in, as Google cannot read your sites information as easily as you may think. There is a range of attributes that need to be fulfilled in order for your site to be properly read by Google and subsequently ranked in the search results. 

Is SEO even necessary?

You might be asking yourself how important all this really is? To put it in to perspective: according to Smart Insights SEO over 98% of Google searchers do not venture beyond page 1, and 60% do not click on listings below the top 3 positions. 

As an example, on average there is 1,300 monthly searches for “organic skin care” in Australia, of those approximately only 26 ventures beyond page one’s results, and a whopping 780 only click on the websites listed within positions 1 to 3. From position 1 to 10 on page one there is a substantial decrease in the rate of clicks by active searches. Therefore, by optimising your website and boosting its position in the organic search engine results for a variety of relevant keyword searches, you may receive a substantial increase in online traffic and conversions.


The first step to succeed in the online world is to have a good website, the next step is to ensure your target market can find it!


SEO Benefits in a nutshell

First and foremost, SEO’s biggest benefit is that it ensures your website is readable with Google and can be effectively categorised and ranked within its search results. On top of that, SEO also boasts one of the best ROI’s of the digital marketing strategies. This is because effective SEO is the gift that keeps on giving. With an effective SEO strategy in place, your website should see continually improved rankings and subsequent traffic, resulting in consistent growth and recurring conversions. Alternative marketing channels require consistent investment with results usually reflecting how much was spent on an ad campaign. Due to the nature of SEO, it also provides measurable insights and comprehensive analytics, so you can clearly track performance and gain valuable insights into the overall health of your website. 

Is SEO right for your business?

Whether you operate in a highly competitive e-commerce environment, or you’re a local business trying to modernise and enter the digital space – SEO can benefit your business. You don’t have to be an expert to know that everybody is using their phones and computers to research (and likely purchase) their next product or service. By undertaking a SEO campaign, you can ensure the investment you made in your website was not in vain and that your business is given a chance to succeed online!

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