The Do's & Don'ts of Logo design

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What Makes a Logo Great? – The Importance of a Professional Logo for Your Small Business

When starting out with your new business there are a lot of different factors to consider. It can be hard to know what the highest priority is and what can be developed over time. Key elements to be considered on start-up include your branding and logo design. Two very important elements that if done well in the start, build a strong foundation for your business’ success.

Don’t listen to the little voice that says, “Maybe I don’t even need a logo” – it couldn’t be more wrong!

With so many do-it-yourself logo design options available online, many small businesses fall into the trap of believing it is an easy element and add it in as an afterthought. This is a huge mistake and can be detrimental for small businesses starting out and wanting to build a successful brand.

There’s a lot of strategic planning that goes into creating a company logo and we want to help you understand the importance of a professional, custom logo for your business.

.01 First Impressions Matter

Your business logo is your brand’s first impression, your first point of contact with the consumer. It needs to support your brand and have impact. As consumers have short attention spans and are over-whelmed with selection, it’s important your logo can deliver a lot of impact, quickly.  

You want your brand to pique the interest of your target consumer and stick in their mind. With only seconds available to woo your audience, your logo is one of the biggest influences that decides whether the shopper engages with your product or not.   

.02 Attention Grabbing is Good

When your product is one of many on the shelves, you may be wondering how does your brand even get a look-in to make that first impression? This is where your logo needs to be suitably eye-grabbing to attract attention and illicit a response. 

We’re not talking loud colours and flashy fonts. It must reflect your brand’s identity and hit-home with your target market. Your business logo needs to be relevant; you’re not going to use aggressive colours and sharp angles for an organic skincare brand – that doesn’t reflect your brand or audience at all. Professionally designed company logos follow a strategic process to ensure your logo grabs the consumers attention and connects with your desired audience.

.03 Stand Out from the Crowd

You do want to be attention-grabbing enough that you stand out from competitors. Thorough research into competitors, the industry-scape, your target demographic and an in-depth understanding of your brand mission allows for the development of a truly unique business logo. 

Knowledge is power, and when you have a good understanding of the competitive market and who your target market is, you’re able to create a logo which resonates with them. You want your logo to stand-out and stick in the minds of your audience. A well-designed logo will have this impact.

.04 Longevity & Flexibility is Key

Many small businesses starting out have a primary focus;providing a certain product or service. However, as businesses grow and market needs evolve, this can change as well. Businesses may expand into additional product lines or offer ancillary services. 

When this happens, you don’t want to have to re-brand your whole company. Small businesses can make the mistake of centring their branding and logo too heavily around that key offering, leaving no room for the brand to grow. A good logo allows for wriggle room, providing your brand room to breathe as it grows, whilst still maintaining relevance and reflecting your brands character and identity.

.05 Identify & Differentiate

A professional logo will help consumers identify and differentiate your business. When they see your logo, you want them to recall your business, associate it with your products,where they’re available and remember the unique offering you provide. Your logo is your statement, it should encapsulate your brand and wrap it up into a neat little package, which is easy to identify and remember. 

Too many times small businesses will attempt to create a business logo which reflects what they offer. This can over-complicate the design and at times over-simplify the message. Your logo does not need to reflect your offerings but provide a unique and memorable image which consumers can readily associate with your brand. Professional graphic designers understand the purpose of a logo and so can work with you to create a unique logo that’s effective.

Once you understand the importance of your logo, you realise it’s not something to be taken lightly. Professional logo design places high value on your business logo and in our extended article we breakdown the Do’s and Don’ts of logo design for you in further detail. Even when you work with a professional to design your business logo, its important to understand the process and be able to provide your own valuable input, ensuring the end result is a logo you’re proud of. 

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