Why Graphic Design is Important for Your Small Business

The five step process to branding design and identity.

Graphic design can be readily disregarded by many small businesses as the benefits received are not clearly understood. A lot of business owners perceive graphic design to be a quick and easy task, and something that they could do themselves if only they had the spare time. 

This is the common mistake many businesses make that can have a long-term impact on brand growth and business success.

It can be easy to neglect something when you don’t understand its purpose. So, let’s clear it up now!

Graphic design is a highly specialized field which focuses on creating key graphic elements to fit within a broader visual communication, in order to solve a problem or achieve an objective. These visual communications can include:

  • Logo and branding

  • Product packaging

  • Websites

  • Brochures, books & magazines

  • Business cards

  • Signage

  • Digital & print ads

The visual expression of ideas and concepts using various graphic elements such as images, symbols, colours, fonts, or words is what makes graphic design so valuable. When done professionally, good graphic design helps achieve your business goals; directing consumers to take an action and establishing strong brand recognition within your target market.

SO Why should you invest & what is your business missing?

.01 First Impressions Matter

Whether it’s your product packaging on a supermarket shelf or the first seconds a potential customer spends on your website, graphic design plays a key role in your brands first impression. The use of colour, font, symbols and visual cues presented can quickly entice or deter customers, as well as either support or dilute your brands image. This is where brand guidelines come into play and why they’re so important. 

.02 Success through Consistency

The visual communications presented by a brand have been shown to play a pivotal role in the consumer decision making process. And brands which ensure branding consistency across their visual communications enjoy higher revenue than if they were inconsistent.

.03 Impact & Recognition

Graphic design helps communicate your brands purpose and tone of voice to your desired market. Good graphic design will not only ensure your company is presenting unique communications, but it follows a systematic and creative strategy which is backed by expert knowledge and research. By understanding your business, product or service, and target market, professional graphic designers create impactful which resonate with the target demographic, establishing a relationship with the consumer and communicating your brand – all within seconds of viewing the design work.

.04 Company Loyalty

Not only does graphic design help build an identifiable and consistent brand for the market to recognise, but it also plays a pivotal role in internal communications and affairs. Companies with strong brands and consistent visual communications provide an identifiable character for employees to rally around as well. Graphic design is used to create company branded items which are used, shared and advocated by employees. The use of graphic design across a range of tangible items helps build a sense of company culture and encourage company and brand loyalty within employees.

.05 Competitive Edge

When it comes to buying time, effective graphic design can be the difference between consumers purchasing your product or a competitor’s. Especially when consumers are unfamiliar with a new brand and have no prior association, they will subconsciously look for visual cues to help with their purchase choice. A well-branded product which clearly speaks to its target audience and portrays its purpose is more likely to be purchased over another that has been haphazardly designed with no detailed thought given.  

.06 Results from the Start

When starting a small business, owners tend to have an idea of the image they want to present to customers. But it can be hard to bring this vision to life without skilled graphic design. As well as expertly bringing your desired brand to life, good graphic design at the start will ensure your brand is correctly positioned for your audience, industry and goals. This means you are unlikely to need a rebrand in the near future as your business has a strong foundation on which to grow.

As you can see, graphic design has a profound impact on your business, both when you start out and into the future. Investing in professional graphic design not only ensures your visual communications look professional and reinforce your brand with its audience, but it also serves a strategic purpose, encouraging your consumers to illicit an emotion or take an action. Whether you’re about to kick off your new business, feel your self-made brand is lacking effect, or require branded marketing collateral with impact, EJB can assist. As expert graphic designers, we take into account all of the above-mentioned factors to build a brand you not only love, but which works for you.  

Until next time :)

Lizzie R.