How Much Does Branding Cost?

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That awkward topic no one tends to write about or disclose on their website.. pricing! Firstly, their is a reason many Brand Agency’s do not disclose pricing online, this is simply because every project is unique and requires different strategies and services. 

* Please note this article does not reflect pricing structure of EJ Branding.

So into the nitty gritty of numbers.. To be honest I cringe when I hear “I got my logo done for $300”. The fact is that this is undervaluing the design industry, however a logo for $300 off gumtree or a graphic design freelance website is still attainable. 

For a $300 logo you are likely to get a ‘logo’ not a ‘brand’, and trust me there is a huge difference between logo and brand when developing a business. The logo can be seen as the face of the brand, however it is not a brand as a whole. It is important to make this distinction between logo design and brand design.


What to expect to pay?

From my industry experience and market research I have found agency pricing can sit anywhere from $3.5k - $250k, let me break this down for you..

In order to develop a strong brand identity these processes are undertaken:

  • Initial planning and research

  • Followed by this brand strategy is implemented which is very labour intensive and time consuming

  • From here brand naming maybe required

  • Once the brand name is confirmed messaging and creative is undertaken

The reason all these steps need to be tackled is to create a strong brand that resonates aesthetically and emotionally with the consumer, thus returning value to the business through a brand that converts to money in the bank!

Below is a breakdown of average industry costings from low end to high end. (sourced from

  • Brandmark (logo) creation: $3,500 - $150,000

  • Core brand presentations (website and brand marketing materials): $10,000 - $250,000+

  • Advertising: $10,000 - Millions annually

  • SEO: $1,000 monthly - Thousands monthly

  • Social media: (Your time) - Hundreds of thousands annually

It can all be a bit overwhelming when start-ups see these figures and areas that need addressing when building a brand, however with a strong brand roll-out this should result in return value through consumer interaction, developing the core attributes for a profitable business. 

Wanting to find out more about our pricing - you can follow this link to receive a free brand proposal and quote.
* Please note this article does not reflect pricing structure of EJ Branding.