Are you reaching the right customer?

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Do you have a great brand but find you struggle to connect with your buyers?

When it comes to brand strategy there are many areas and techniques to explore in order to develop your brand from the ground up. One of our clients most explored and important strategy is defining their customer avatar. From the creation of your customer avatar comes the beginning of your brands story.

What is an Ideal Customer Avatar (ica)

So what is a customer avatar..Simple, it is your ideal customer also known as your buyer persona. Without this in-depth understanding of your consumer, how are you supposed to market and roll-out a brand that speaks directly to your audience?

Why create your ideal Customer Avatar?

It opens up a clear understanding to whom you are marketing too, who you wish to connect with on  an emotional and consumer level.  Your customer avatar will open up a clear vision for moving forward with your brand roll out. 

Here are just a few things your customer avatar will impact throughout your branding process:

How to create your customer avatar.

This can potentially be an endless process. Think about creating your ideal customer, develop their characteristics, values, interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes, frustrations, income and even give your customer a first and last name. Pull images from Pinterest and start creating a vision board of your buyers persona, include images of their home, appearance, profession, favourite holiday destinations.. and so on!

Below are a few steps which we follow in the studio when creating an ideal customer avatar (ICA).


  • Where does (he/she) live?

  • What is their age?

  • Generation (Baby Boomer, Millennial)

  • Relationship Status, single/married/divorced/it’s complicated..

  • Education. Where did (he/she) study, go to school etc

  • Work, Employers, Job Title, Schools

  • Income

  • Living, is he/she a home owner, renter, nomad..?

  • What is their family size? How is their relationship with their family?

Interests and behaviours 

We then start looking into their daily interests, behaviours and dislikes. Creating a story around his/her daily routine and how their interests and values impact their lifestyle behaviours.


From the above research we will see a pattern in behaviours that will show an understanding into the customers values and morals. These touch points become very important as we start to connect with the buyer on an emotional level.


We get that little bit deeper and see how the brand impacts the buyers life. Why they need to connect with the brand, what has happened in the past that has led them to the brand and how the brand is solving an issue in their life.

Still a bit confused and not sure where to start? Download our exercise below:

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Lizzie Robinson
Design Director