Is your brand outdated?

Image source: Natalia (c) Tatiana Kurnosova Photography

Image source: Natalia (c) Tatiana Kurnosova Photography

Every brand has a shelf life.. well let me rephrase.. if you are not keeping up to date with the forever evolving trends, the online world and technology, then yes, your brand has a shelf life!

Did you know most brands require a 'jazz-up' every 3 to 7 years?! I am not saying you need to rebrand every 3-7 years, however you do need to remain ahead your competitors by staying on top of trends and brand strategies. 

So how do stay ahead of the forever growing world of brands? There are many areas that would need to be addressed depending on the industry of the brand, however a starting point for many brands would be to review your online brand presence and user experience.

Top 10 signs your online presence is outdated..

  • Your website is not mobile responsive!!

  • Your website and e-commerce system is not automated.

  • Your website is slow (google wont like you, at all!).

  • You have not invested in professional SEO.

  • Your website copywriting and imagery is old and not true to your brand.

  • You are not creating landing pages for online promotions, leads and exposure.

  • You have not invested in video for digital marketing and brand recognition.

  • You do not use a CRM system, such as Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Clickfunnels or Ontraport... the list goes on. *CRM Customer Relationship Management.

  • You have not stayed true to your Brand Guidelines or you don't have Brand Guideline requirements for digital at all!

  • You are not engaging with your customers via social platforms and EDMs.

If any of these points resonate with your brand, what would my advise be?

  1. Start with a brand audit.

  2. Review your industry competitors.

  3. Revisit your customer avatar.

  4. Look at how your online systems are working and what can be implemented to save you time on a day-today basis!

  5. Review and revise your Brand Style Guidelines and implement across all online platforms.

  6. Talk with a professional!

Not sure where to start? That's why my team and I are here to help! We are specialists in online and creative, please feel free to reach out to discuss the future of your brand, and decide whether a soft brand refresh or full rebrand is best for your business..

Let's chat!

Lizzie R - Design Director